Media clip on about archaeology and the use of DNA in palaeoenvironmental research (from 1:30 min).

Crannog and Celtic Connections project website.

Clip of TV item and interview at local NEWS 13 in Fairbanks about public outreach acitivities.

Clip of Radio interview by Malcolm Love on the BCfm Love & Science programme.

van Hardenbroek, M. (2014) “Bugs, bears, and bushplanes – LAC fieldwork in Alaska”. Palaeoenvironmental Laboratory at the University of Southampton blog.

Lakes and the Arctic Carbon Cycle project website.

ERC Starting grant project RECONMET website.

Klompmaker A. (2010) “Methaanscheet uit meren in warmer klimaat” Article on Kennislink about the results in my PhD thesis (in Dutch)

van Hardenbroek M. (2010) “Schone meertjes?” A comment about the difficulty of defining natural reference conditions for ecosystem restoration in Dutch lakes that experienced long term manipulation. Culemborgse Courant, 22 Februari 2010 (in Dutch)

Film clip “Fieldwork Siberia 2007” gives a taste of the fieldwork I did in Yakutia

Crok M. (2007) “Onderzoekers op expeditie: muggenmethaan” An overview of fieldwork activities by young Dutch researchers. Natuurwetenschap & Techniek 7: 32 (in Dutch)

Bubbelend Siberië” VPRO's Noorderlicht Radio 1 show reports on 2-10-2007 about the research in Siberia, including an interview with my colleague Frans-Jan Parmentier (in Dutch, starts at 12 min)

“Broeikas Nederland” Public television broadcast about methane for the program Galileo (in Dutch)

Stable Isotopes in Water Beetles (personal website of MSc project)